Error code: 85010020
  • Sorry if this has been posted. I did a search but didn't come up with anything...

    Have had no problems with my HTC 8x, then suddenly today I get this error when checking my mail"

    "It looks like you may be using a Google Apps account that is not set up to sync with mobile devices. In your web browser on your PC, go to mobile settings for your Google Apps account, enable Google Sync under Service settings, and then try to sync again."

    Here's the hitch... I do not have a Google Apps account. As far as I know that is just for business or other types of organizations...

    What's the deal?



  • Hi Leahbaik,


    Thanks for your contribution in the forum of Microsoft Account.


    You were saying that you have an error code 85010020 when you try to check your mail in your HTC 8x.


    Make sure that all your information in your account is complete
     and sign in with the primary account in your phone.

    And them accept the terms of service starting in to:

    To add the account in the phone again. Check also that your birth date is correct at

    http :/ /


    And then almost certainly need to do a hard reset the phone to factory settings.



    And if you are younger, you will need to add a parental control to your account


    Have a nice day.


    Monica F.