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Windows 8.1 Preview ISO Won't Install

  • I've been using the 8.1 Preview since it came out, but 8.1 Preview mysteriously failed the other day after a reboot. It would not start up. It kept going to Advanced Repair, which got me nowhere - so I finally set it to start fresh, losing everything. Luckily
    I had everything backed up. I reinstalled W8 and then tried to install 8.1. It's failed on me every time. I've tried the Upgrade, Clean Install and the upgrade while on the 8 desktop.  I've tried with nothing but my 8 DVD before adding any fixes from Windows
    update. Failed. I tried installing all of the fixes & updates - failed again. I'm out of ideas.


    I'm using a self-made desktop with more than enough processor & RAM. I'd had some trouble earlier with the ISO install, so the last time I successfully installed the Preview I used the Windows Store install, which worked flawlessly. I looked for that link
    in the Store but it must have been taken down.


    My last attempt a few hours ago seemed very promising. I was on the 8 desktop and started the upgrade from there. All seemed to be sailing along fine until about a half hour later I looked over and saw that the screen said that it was restoring my previous
    version of Windows. Oh joy. Another fail.


    This time I was given a nice long error code which I hope that someone smarter than I can interpret. My brain hurts so bad right now I'm almost - but not quite - ready to just with until October 18th.


    Here's the error code: 0x80070570 - 0x2000c


    PS: I have 5 HDD's installed on my PC. I even tried unplugging them all and just left the DVD-ROM and the HDD that I use for Windows only. I also unplugged any USB devices except my wireless mouse. My keyboard is wired. Have I overlooked something?


    Thanks! Tom


    I thought that myself. So I set about using 8 until I realized just what my sister meant when she said how much she hated 8 and was sorry I'd convinced her to buy it. Going back to 8 was like stepping back to the Stone
    Age. I had to relearn how to use it and then I got just as annoyed as she'd been. When I first installed 8 Beta & RTM I saw how fast it was - how new it was and how I'd overlooked it's enormous faults. That said, can anyone answer my question with something
    other than a question that I've already asked myself? Especially what those error codes mean?   

  • Search for setuperr.log . Upload the log on skydrive and share the link.


  • In case of clean install change hard drive mode in bios from raid on to ahci and then try clean install of windows 8.1


  • That's interesting, ded09. I've had problems with my RAID driver ever since I went to 8. It caused my PC to crash constantly after W8 was only up for a minute or two. I used the excellent freeware Who Crashed to figure out what was crashing. I started disabling
    the RAID driver as soon as I'd installed my OS and the problem went away. But it hasn't been an issue since I went to 8.1 and it's not been an issue this past week using 8. I just disabled it since I do not use RAID. I will look for setuperr.log right now
    and upload it to SkyDrive as you've requested. Thanks!

  • I'm back and I couldn't find the setuperr.log file. The only thing close that I found was setuperr.txt and when I opened that file it was blank.


    I tried using the Win8 Modern Search tool - and then I used Windows Explorer to look through files & folders in the Windows folder and below & any folder that looked promising. If you know where I can find that file let me know. Thanks!

  • I hope you have disabled raid in bios. After installing windows 8 install latest chipset drivers from manufacturer website.

    Before upgrading try these steps.

    1. Uninstall security software.

    2. Put the computer in clean boot mode.


    3. Create a new user account

    Restart system after performing the steps mentioned above. Now try upgrading from new user account.


  • No - I hadn't disabled RAID in the BIOS. I hadn't thought of that since disabling it in Device Manager stopped the constant crashing in Win 8.


    I will now try and follow your instructions - although it's almost sunup here in Central Ohio and my normal bedtime.


    As for the clean install I've always uninstalled any AV previously from my past experiences from Win 95 & 98 drove my newby brain insane. 

  • First I'm not in the UK and second I'm not financially able to do that. But thanks for the info.
  • I looked in my BIOS and there wasn't anywhere that I could find that had anything to do with RAID. I found that odd. My system board is an ASUS
    M4A88T-M. I'm done for the night. Thanks to all of you and I'll check back when I'm back online. Thanks again!