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Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 Error Code: oxc1900101-ox40017 when upgrading from Windows 8 to 8.1

  • I managed to upgrade my Q550 from Windows 7 Pro to Windows 8 Pro with Media Center when Windows 8 was released by Microsoft.  Last Thursday, I was excited to download the Windows 8.1 update from the Windows Store.  The installation process went through until
    reaching the final boot when the screen went black.  I waited for over an hour, but nothing happened.  I then forced the power button to shut down, then rebooted the tablet.  On the first reboot, the system tried to recover the installation files, then again returned
    to the black screen.  On the second reboot, a message appeared that the update failed and showed the error code: oxc1900101-ox40017.


    These are the things that I have done so far:

    I removed the SD card which I used for extra storage and did not attach any device to the USB port during the update.  I uninstalled the 02 Micro driver for the Smartcard reader, which was a suggestion from this forum regarding blue screen errors.  I also
    disabled Skydrive, Google Drive and icloud, and tried installing the update 3x.  I always got the same error code.


    Can someone help?




  • Hi Phil,



    Note: We have sent you a Private Message, requesting for the log files to further troubleshoot on the issue. Please reply to the Private Message with requested information.


    I would suggest you to install all the available Windows Updates including the optional updates for drivers. Also make sure all the latest device drivers are installed.





    Hope this information helps. Reply to the post with updated status of the issue to assist you further.

  • Thanks for the early response to my problem. I sent the log files from the troubleshooting process which you  requested in the private message.

    As an added information, I did check for any windows update before executing the 8.1 update from the Windows store. I checked again today for any update, and the only update available was the virus definitions for Windows Defender.  I don't see an option
    for Optional Updates in Windows Update.  I believe this will only appear in the event there is an Optional Update available.  Am i correct on this?

    I tried running the 8.1 update again today, but still got the same error code.  Please let me know if you will need the log files for my recent update.


    By way of suggestion, can't Microsoft just come up with a service pack update for the 8.1?  That had always worked for updating Windows.

    Thanks again, and i hope you can find a solution to my problem.


    Please reply soon.



  • I ran into similar issue. After multiple attempts with the upgrade failing when 'getting devices ready (83%)', I finally ran the upgrade assistant. The assistant identified available updates to drivers to update before running the upgrade with links
    to the updates. 
    After updating the drivers, I was able to successfully complete the upgrade. I am not sure why Microsoft does not make this more prominent on the upgrade download page.

    Hope this helps. Good luck with the upgrade.


  • Hi Jawa,


    Thank you for your reply.


    I executed the Update Assistant for W8.1 and the result showed 2 Apps (iTunes and Magic Disc) to be incompatible with the OS.  After uninstalling both Apps, I again ran the update, but still got the same error code.


    In my case, the installation went through 100%, unlike yours which failed at 83% of the 'getting devices ready'.  It was only on the final reboot of the update process when I would get a black screen, and then the error message and error code after forcing
    a restart of the tablet.





  • Hi Geethu B,

    I sent the the setup log files which you requested 2 days ago. May i know if you have any news (good or bad) about my problem with the Windows 8.1 Update?

    Please let me know so i can decide what to do with my tablet. iPad Air was released yesterday and i am seriously considering moving to Apple. From the many threads that i have read regarding this windows update issue, it seems that MS engineers are at
    a loss on how to fix the problem.

    Can't we just go back to updating our computers via Windows Update? We have been doing the updates via Windows Update even in Windows 8, so why fix it when it ain't broken?

  • Windows Update had an update today which was supposed to fix issues on the Windows OS.  After the update, I immediately went to the Windows Store.  I was surprised that the 8.1 update immediately started running after clicking on the Windows Store without
    the need to click on the W8.1 update.


    I was very hopeful that I can finally upgrade to W8.1.  However, when the system rebooted, an new error code (ocx1900101-ox20017) showed up, and again the update process brought me back to the old Windows 8.