Can't download apps getting error 805a8011 . Help please !!

  • My phone stoped working 2 days ago. Then I found how to hard reset it and it is working now but when I try to install apps that I previously was using I'm getting
    error 805a8011.

    Any idea what happend anybody ???


  • Hello R2D2KB,


    Thank you for your message.


    Are you trying to redownload the apps from the store in your phone or from the store on the Windows Phone website?


    To redownload the apps from the website, you need to go to your purchase history on and   you need to activate "Localisation" and "Find my phone" options in your phone's settings and have the Wifi turned on.


    Please let us know if it works.


    Best regards,


    Emilie C'

  • Thank you for your response.

    I tried get those apps form the store and I got the error I was writing about before.

    I visited that web page you gave me, I had no idea all my apps are stored on that page good to know thanks. Now the problem is when I tried to reinstall them I get message "We can't send apps to your
    phone right now. Please try again later". I can try later but we all know that never works.


    What else can I do ?


    Thank you in advance.

  • Hello R2D2KB,


    Thank you for your reply.


    I did a resarch about the error code you are getting and unfortunately it seems that you need to hard reset your phone again to solve the issue.


    Best regards,


    Emilie C'

  •  I hard reset the phone and now it works perfectly.

    Thank you Emilie.